Kemet Egypt For Engineering Industries is ISO 9001 CERTIFIED for design and fabrication of Telecommunication towers and rooftop structures

Kemet products are primarily in the telecommunication field covering steel towers and poles in the medium height range from 6 to 80 meters which can support a variety of loads and wind speeds.

Kemet has a standard line of products as well as customized towers and poles to meet specific client requirments.

Kemet is the sister Company for GIZA Projects Company (GPC) founded in 1988.GPC main field of work is safety and alarm systems and fire protection,
in addition to specialized contracting fields

Since start , Kemet has been committed to " Timely execution and accurate completion of work from the first time and every time for full satisfaction of the client " . with this mandate, Kemet is committed to the policy of producing only top quality of work on a timely basis, at competitive cost efficient price, using creative technical know how to the best advantage of the client.


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